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Black Bear Hunting in Maine
If bear hunting is what strikes your fancy, then look no further. South Branch Lake Camps offers some of the best bear hunting in all of Maine. Our success rate is unsurpassed by many: your success rate can be also. Since the beginning, we have been fortunate enough to put bears into the state books year after year.

We offer a baited black bear hunt that is one of the finest hunts to be had. All food, lodging stands, transportation, and guides are included for this hunt, Our sites are set out in just over fifty thousand acres of wilderness, built on or into the ground and covered by logs to prevent any other animals from entering the bait. This setup works great, and you will get to enjoy watching the small game enjoying the treats.

We offer a very personal hunting experience and only take up to twelve hunters per week. Here at camp we maintain upwards of sixty sites per season and hunt a fresh piece of ground each week insuring that each hunter has the best chance possible. Give us a call and let us work with you for your next hunt.


Successful 4-Wheeler Hunt
4-Wheeler Hunt
On the Trail
Back Country Four Wheeler Hunts
If a back country four wheeler hunt is for you, then come along and join our group as we go into almost ten thousand acres more for a hunt that includes riding to and from your site with your guides, coming out under the moon at night, and being part of a back country adventure that is well worth the time. This country is big at almost 8½ miles deep and almost as wide. Bring your wheeler or ride with us as we take you into an area that is only hunted once a year.

This hunt is put together for those who want a bit more. When our clients book this trip, they are assured that they are among some of the finest guides in Maine. You may be in one of the many cedar bogs, or perhaps on the north fork overlooking the stream for a truly big bear, or you may be on the front line where we have taken some great bear before (hence the top photo). This is a hunt with a lot of work and everyone helps a bit. If this sounds like you, then don’t wait, it fills up quickly and there are only twelve openings to be had. We will give you as much assistance as we can, and offer both rifle, bow and pistol stands for your convenience.


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Maine Youth Day Bear Hunt
Here at South Branch Lake Camps we are proud to be able to offer youth hunting day for black bear, we have two packages to choose from which include Mom and Dad as well as all meals, lodging and your hunt in the big woods of Maine.

Picture sitting with your son or daughter and enjoying nature at its best. Your package starts on Thursday and continues to Sunday - a complete vacation for the two or three of you with your bear hunt on Saturday, ground blinds, double tree stands, or whatever is needed to make this a great outdoor experience.

Pack your swimming gear and fishing pole and come and enjoy the lake. Make this the trip of a lifetime for your children and support our outdoor hunting heritage.

Trophy Buck
Nice Buck

Trophy Whitetail (2)
Maine Whitetail Deer
Whitetail Deer Hunting
Great Whitetail Deer Hunting
Trophy Whitetail
Whitetail Deer Hunting
Penobscot county has some of the best deer hunting in Maine. Being close to the northern reach of the whitetail deer's habitat, we have been able to harvest some truly beautiful deer over the years. To give you an example, in 2001 we harvested three that were all over 200 pounds. In 2004 we harvested yet another couple of great bucks. In 2006, 2007 and on we have seen some great animals come to the game pole.

Yes, its a tough hunt. Its tough country as well, and we can go without from time to time, chase a big buck all season only to come up short at the end of the year. Imagine sitting over a chopping watching for the big one, sneaking in and along the cedar bogs of the great north, working your way through the firs on a frosty November morning, picking up a track and following it for the day in hope of having venison for dinner that evening.

Here at South Branch Lake Camps, we scout as much country as we can and share this information with you when you arrive. You are welcome to do this hunt on your own and we will be sure to share this information with you, making sure that you are in the right area at the beginning of your hunt. If you would like, we can also provide a fully guided hunt for you and your crew. We may have located several deer for this hunt, placed stands as needed, and scouted the overall country. We will get you into the woods, place you and then scout some more while trying to move something your way. Come to Maine and hunt the great whitetail of the north, meet some new friends, share in their fun, and enjoy some great home cooking each evening back at the lodge. Hunt hard, sleep well, and take in some fresh crisp November air. Good luck, and we hope to see you in camp this season.

Be sure to bring along your fishing gear since South Branch Lake offers the number one smallmouth bass fishery in the state! Additional guests who may be non-hunters can fish at a special rate. Be sure to ask for details.
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